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If you know of anyone that would be interested, please encourage them to apply. We, as a community, must continue to reach deep and wide to find candidates that are right for our students, teachers, families, and community.
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Post-Pandemic Education

See what RISD Superintendent, James Oliver, has to share by reading below.

The Past
There is no doubt that the events over the last year and a half have had profound effects on our students across the State. It is hard to believe that it has already been 18 months since we first started hearing about the mystery virus from China. The biggest blow to our students came when they were not able to return to school after Spring Break in the 2019-2020 school year. This was an unprecedented challenge for students and teachers alike. Though some schools had dabbled in virtual instruction, none of us were ready for that last nine weeks of school. We did our best to deliver instruction, and students did their best to learn, but it was a challenging experience for all of us to say the least. Regardless of our efforts, we ended the 2019-2020 school year with most of our students significantly behind in all content areas.
Like other rural schools in Texas, Rocksprings ISD started face-to face instruction at the beginning of this school year. However, there was an option for students to continue with virtual instruction until after Christmas Break. So while many students were back in the classrooms, teachers were still reaching out to other kids that were still trying to learn from home. As an educator, I think it is important to add here that I do not believe that a computer or any other technology can replace a classroom teacher. The relationship that is formed between a student and his/her teacher will help ensure success more than any computer program or textbook. Moving forward, I believe that it is imperative to have our students back in school. We saw a somewhat normal end to the 2020-2021 school year with no masks, regular field trips, and a full blown graduation, but there was still much to be done.
The Now
We have started our June off with a bang in Rocksprings offering an extensive summer school agenda as well as well-structured strength & conditioning and sports-specific programs for all of our students. Our goal is to help prepare our students as much as possible for their return to school next year. The main focus in summer school this year is math and reading. I can’t stress to parents enough how important it is for their children to keep reading and practicing their math skills throughout the summer. We have an outstanding school/community library that has enough content to keep our students’ noses in a book all summer long. Also, any parents that want supplemental math materials to work with their students this summer at home are welcome to contact the school for materials.
Three months is a long time to be without a school routine. It would be great for parents to set times each day for their children to practice needed skills at home relating to reading and math. It is wonderful for students to read, but it is also very beneficial for you to read to your children. In math, you can find tons of apps to keep them practicing and learning each day. Many of them will feel more like games than math problems, which is a good thing. The phones and iPads they use every day can’t replace a teacher, but they can sure help reinforce and build basic math skills.
The Future
The Rocksprings ISD will be offering supplemental programs throughout next year. We know many of our students are behind, and the only way to catch them up is to provide more support. That support will be offered during the day, but it will also be offered after school. The single most important thing that parents can do to help support our efforts is to have their children at school every day. We realize that students will get sick from time to time, but we want them in the classroom as much as possible. Attendance is one of the leading indicators of academic success. As mentioned earlier, many students can’t and won’t learn as well if they are not in front of a teacher. When they are not here, it makes it harder for the student and the teacher to stay on track.
We will have a concerted effort school-wide next year to make up for lost time. We can’t change the obstacles that we have all faced over the last year and a half, but we can definitely make a plan to overcome them. I have no doubt that we can get back to where we need to be, if we all give it our best. In the end, teachers and parents want the same thing, the best opportunities for their students. Education is a pathway to take kids wherever they want to go, to do whatever they want to do. It is all of our responsibilities to keep them on that path and keep them moving forward. My goal is to help make our students into the most competent, hard-working, respectful young adults they can be; that will take hard work. I have found there are no elevators in life; you have to take the stairs. We appreciate all the community’s support as we prepare and look forward to the 2021-2022 school year.